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We are one of the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of various types of Industrial Belts. Our wide range of Industrial Belts includes products like Nylon Laminated Flat Belts, Nylon Core Laminated Belts, Synthetic Spindle Tapes, Transmission Belting, Nylon Belts Industrial Belts, Tangential Belts, Spindle Tapes, Perforated & Serrated Belts, Heddle Belts, and Grommet Bands etc. Our premium quality products are famous worldwide ensuring a huge satisfied clientele spread all over the world.

We were born in the year 2001. Since then we have been fulfilling the demanding requirements of our customers. All our products are made up using superior quality raw material and processed on most modern automatic machines . We always make it a point to source our raw materials from well known genuine & reliable vendors only. A smile of satisfaction and appreciation on faces of our customers is our inspiration.

Nylon Laminated Flat Belts

Beltech Nylon Laminated Flat Belts are known the World over for their outstanding and consistent quality parameters. Made from the best available inputs and processed on automatic machines, these belts combine high load carrying capacity with very high flexibility. Complete range is available with nylon read more...

Synthetic Spindle Tapes

Beltech Synthetic Spindle Tapesare manufactured with latest machinery.State-of-the-art technology and superior quality raw materials.
These consists of three layers.

  • Top Layer : Synthetic Polymer meant for better grip to transmit maximum power from the tin read more...

Condenser Tapes

A reliable product specifically produced for woollen spinning.Beltech Condenser Tapes have a traction core of polyamide having high elasticity which allows excellent regulation both for endless and continuous tapes. Beltech condenser tapes being antispetic and resistant to spinning oils,ensureperfect web read more...

Rub Aprons

Beltech Condenser Rubbing Aprons are made from the best synthetic rubber and high strength synthetic yarns and engineered to ensure excellent rubbing. These are available in two grades. Standard & Excel and practiacally in all required sizes.

Special Purpose Belts

We manufacture & process some special purpose belts for specific applications

  • Heddle Belts & Grommet Bands for Circular Looms
  • Perforated and serrated (side slotted) flat belts for circular knitting machines
  • Perforated V Belting
  • V link Belting

Emery Fillets for Roller Coverings

We manufacture various kinds of fillets.(RollerCoverings)

  • Plain
  • Emery
  • Round Pimple
  • Square Pimple


  • Uniform Thickness
  • Made from Synthetic Rubber
  • High Abarsion Resistance
  • Backed by Specially-woven cotton

PVC/PU Conveyor Belts

we have a wide range of Light Duty PVC/PU Conveyor Belts for various applications in Packaging, Textile, Paper Engineering & General Industries. Our Food-grade white PVC/PU Belts are widely used in Food & Tobacco processing and packaging including Tea, Confectionary, Coffee, Vegetable, fruit, poultry and sugar read more...

Rubber Conveyor Belts Manufacturer

Conveyor belts generally consist of cover rubber, carcass and rubber skim coat. The reinforced breaker fabric is used for extra protection.


Covers of natural or synthetic rubber are designed to protect the carcass from -abrasion, impact, deterioration and other injurious read more...

Rubber Transmission Belts Manufacturer

Beltech Rubber Transmission Belts comprise of several plies of cotton canvass with thin rubber coating and are suitable for power transmission or indoor transport of semi-finished products whether on roller or sheet metal. These are also used as bucket lifts for  raising small material such as read more...